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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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afraz’s Avatar
afraz Apr 15, 2021 1102 views

what is the work of data scientist

#groups #scientist #scientists #forensic-scientists #data-science #actuary

RAJKUMAR Jan 01, 2021 289 views

a key element in risk analysis is

#financial-aid #financial-aid

Rishikesh’s Avatar
Rishikesh Apr 15, 2021 289 views

How easy it is to find a job in chemical engineering in the US for people not living here?

I am from India and applying for US based chemical engineering positions but not getting results. (I am a US citizen)
#foreign-education #us

Sonali’s Avatar
Sonali Jun 16 262 views


I am pursuing bachelor of computer applications. I have to do a summer internship for a month for my academics. Since I did not got a tech internship for such a short period of time , I decided to do an internship provided by a college. The internship I am doing is not related to technical...

Santosh’s Avatar
Santosh Mar 22, 2019 763 views

Learn data science or not?

Is there sufficient demand for data scientist or it's just a hype? I am in my MBA program final year. I am interested towards data science and analytics field. I have experience with python, R, it's just I find it little difficult to find study material for learning concepts of Machine learning...

rahul’s Avatar
rahul Jun 19, 2018 411 views

I am an undergraduate from iit bombay and i have completed 2 years in my college. I am from civil engineering discipline but i have no interest in persuing it further i want to be an investment banker. so can anyone recommend the things which i need to learn inorder to be an investment banker?

i have basic knowledge about finance. I have completed basics of investment banking online course from courseera

#education #business #career #finance

Dhrumil’s Avatar
Dhrumil Jan 16, 2018 501 views

Is pairing computer science with applied physics feasible?

I am an aspiring student awaiting replies from universities but I wanted to know if the burden of taking comp sci and applied physics both, manageable in university.
#college #computer #computer-science #physics #double-major #college-major

Ruchita’s Avatar
Ruchita Apr 14, 2021 338 views

what is important skills for a cs engineer

#community-management #community-management

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Mar 23, 2017 740 views

After doing engineering in IT..what are later degrees or pathways to choose to become sucessful in this field ?

I am doing my last year diploma in IT ...after which i am going to degree in IT ... #it #it-sales #it-security #it-operations

Ranjit’s Avatar
Ranjit Oct 03, 2021 1051 views

How to create an attractive portfolio as a UI/UX designer?

I'm thinking of pursuing a career in UI/UX designing and right now I am finding an internship. But I have no idea how to start with my portfolio.
#internship #design #graphic-design

Larson’s Avatar
Larson Nov 15, 2021 177 views

Can a student who has completed BCOM go for a career in cyber security ?

I'm a student and i am going to complete my SY BCOM in this academic year. #career

Yuvika’s Avatar
Yuvika Nov 22, 2021 248 views

What is an salary of an air hostes??

What is an salary of air hostes #financial-planning #salary

Ritvik’s Avatar
Ritvik Nov 18, 2021 156 views

I dont know which career path to take I feel like I have intrest in films but then feel like not doing it sometimes I dont know what I should do I am confused a lot

I like to watch movies and in school I was good in history currently I am studying for neet but I dont really like it pls suggest me and help me out #help #film

Ya$h’s Avatar
Ya$h May 03, 2016 655 views

Can we use electricity of the atmosphere when it is thundering???

I just want to know and research on this topic #physics

karthik’s Avatar
karthik Mar 07, 2021 776 views

how to do career in chef

#school how to become a chef

Ranjit’s Avatar
Ranjit Oct 10, 2021 296 views

Designers and Developers are always on the screens, so is there any way to lessen our eye strain?

Recently I have increased my work hours and I am getting itchy eyes every night. And I also experienced a little headache at the end of the day. Please give some work-health balance tips.
#time-management #health

christine’s Avatar
christine Aug 08, 2021 289 views

which course is best for psycology

i just passed 12th with 83 percent and i am very much interested in psycology so i wanted to know more about pscyology field because after taking psycology field i want to be a psycatrist so i kindly request to suggest me for this field #psychology

Naved’s Avatar
Naved Aug 07, 2021 339 views

How I can become software engineer after 12th commerce

#engineer #software #engineering

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Jul 16, 2014 1696 views

what career options would lead to working with NASA?

since childhood I always wanted to work at NASA and earn big bucks disregarding the job I I completed my 10 n am confused what to choose either IT , comp eng , electronics and telecom or electrical eng which will lead the way to my dream. I aslo want to know its difficulty levels...

Fatima’s Avatar
Fatima Jul 06, 2016 697 views

what is better IT/EXTC/computer engineering

I just completed my 10th with 79.80% in SSC maharashtra state board. I want to do diploma but i don't hav proper guidance for this feild. I can't chose between IT/EXTC/Computer Engineering. Please help :) #engineering #diploma

yash’s Avatar
yash Jul 19, 2021 289 views

computer engineering need maths

pleas help me #computer-engineering

samyukta’s Avatar
samyukta May 21, 2021 175 views

I am confused about my career

i like both art and psychology, but my 12th scores were not that great. should i skip a year and repeat 12th? or should i do art? #art

Pawan’s Avatar
Pawan Jun 03, 2021 220 views

How to get the job?


Ya$h’s Avatar
Ya$h Jun 13, 2016 911 views

Is there any Marine Biologist post in India???

Just want to know #biology #marine-biology

Anushree’s Avatar
Anushree May 15, 2021 287 views

how many years it take to become a computer engineer ?


Shivansh’s Avatar
Shivansh Apr 28, 2021 275 views

I just passed my 10th Boards . Confused to take decision for further

#educator #professionals #professional #expert

NAYLA’s Avatar
NAYLA Apr 21, 2021 566 views

should i be a psychologist or psychiatrist?

i want to know which field is better in order to pick my stream for college.

Kanchan’s Avatar
Kanchan May 06, 2021 519 views

how do I start a career as a singer?

I love to sing and I wish to become an international singer. #singing #singer #career #arts #career-choice

Nivea’s Avatar
Nivea Apr 30, 2021 1113 views

How to choose a career after 12th when you have multiple interests?

I have interest in a lot of things like fashion, art, business, literature. Therefore, its been getting difficult to pick a course after 12th. #careers #career-counseling

K’s Avatar
K Sep 09, 2013 1193 views

What are the different degree's I can opt after 12th Commerce, related to technology/computers?

To choose a better career according to my needs! #software

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