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Columbus, Indiana

Within 40 mile radius
balls’s Avatar
balls Dec 12, 2023 357 views

What type of Collage should i go to if i want to major in graphic arts?

I want to major in graphic arts but idk what to do

Alayna’s Avatar
Alayna Dec 09, 2023 429 views

Why does med school cost so much?

Why does medical school cost so much? I am in 9th grade and planning on being a doctor I just want to know why is it so much for med school

Angel’s Avatar
Angel Nov 06, 2023 273 views

what can i do ??

what can i do after high school?

Alison’s Avatar
Alison Oct 13, 2023 1832 views

What degree would pair well with Business Management Associates Degree?

I almost have Business Management Associates degree from another college. I’m planning on getting another Associate Degree or Bachelor Degree. I was wondering what would pair well with that degree for more job opportunities.

Brooklynn’s Avatar
Brooklynn Oct 11, 2023 348 views

How do I know what the right career for me is?

I am interested in multiple careers at the moment. Mainly Journalism and Architecture, but how do I know which one I should choose? I don't want to choose a career and end up hating it. I want to love what I do. I want to be creative and both career options allow me to do that especially...

Colson’s Avatar
Colson Oct 09, 2023 333 views

How can I figure out what college is best for me based on my career that I want to go into? Does it matter what college I choose to go to in the long run or are they all similar.

I can go to the mall to get clothes but they are expensive

Veronica’s Avatar
Veronica Sep 21, 2023 384 views

What is the best way to be responsible with money?

I am driving now and have to pay for gas. But I like shopping online and going through fast food places. How do I discipline myself so I have money for gas and extra money for spending how I want?

Patience’s Avatar
Patience Sep 15, 2023 389 views

What would be a great collage for paramedics ?

Will the collage be able to teach the medication for me ? After i graduate from the college will i be able to go into the healthcare field? What degree would be best for the position ? Will i be able to use the technology for training and learning ?

Jacquelyn’s Avatar
Jacquelyn Sep 05, 2023 554 views

How much money does a doctor make ?

How much money does a doctor make?

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Sep 29, 2021 440 views

Is the field of computer science very dependable for an individual when it comes to salary and overall living sustainability?

#financial-planning #computer-science #science #technology

I live in rural Indiana, so the cost of living is not nearly as high as areas like California or New York, etc.

Maya’s Avatar
Maya Oct 06, 2020 549 views

I want to go to study neurology but can't handle medical school. What majors can I look to?


Kobi’s Avatar
Kobi Oct 06, 2020 560 views

How do I know if I should aim at being a physical therapist or if I should try for med school?

#school #medschool #isPTenoughforme

Bethany’s Avatar
Bethany Dec 18, 2019 852 views

How do I decide what major I should pick?

I am a third culture kid who has lived all over the place. I really love people and working with children , especially kids who come from rougher situations. I was looking into going in as a #psychology major but then I wanted to study more of the medicine aspect. But then I realized I love...

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Aug 03, 2019 454 views

What is a bridge over in the medical field?

I am Olivia. I am 14 now, and I love to keep babies for babysitting. #doctor

Rashaun’s Avatar
Rashaun Jun 26, 2019 517 views

how do i understand my trade even more as i am working on it in electrical


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