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If I have never taken AP science classes before, do I have to attend a community College before going to a 4 year college if wanting to go into the medical field?

Updated Virginia, Virginia

I'm asking this question because I love to know stuff like this in advance. #doctor #physician #obstetrics #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care

2 answers

Paige’s Answer

Updated Evansville, Indiana
No you don't! Most AP science classes aren't accepted by most medical schools. The classes might help you prepare for the college course tho!

Donna’s Answer

You can attend a four year college and take A&P as part of your curriculum. Sometimes it is difficult to know what you want to do in relation to the medical field, so some people go to a community college first to do their core courses. If you know what career path that you want in the medical field, for example nursing, all of this can be accomplished at a four year college/university and you would graduate with your Bachelor's in Nursing. It truly depends on each individual person and how certain they are in regards to what medical career they want to pursue.
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