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Paige Zint RDMS RDCS

Sonographer/physician assistant student
Healthcare Support Occupations - Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations
Evansville, Indiana
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serenity’s Avatar
serenity Sep 20, 2018 712 views

what should i major in to become a sonographer?

i am a sophomore in highschool and looking into becoming an O.B sonographer. I want to get my bachelors degree and wanted to know what the best thing to major in is when becoming a sonographer.
#OB sonography #sonographymajor #sonographyschool #college-major #medicine

Jada’s Avatar
Jada May 19, 2016 941 views

If I have never taken AP science classes before, do I have to attend a community College before going to a 4 year college if wanting to go into the medical field?

I'm asking this question because I love to know stuff like this in advance. #doctor #physician #obstetrics #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care

Katelyn ’s Avatar
Katelyn May 25, 2016 1169 views

What made you want to go into the medical imaging field?

I am interested in why others wanted to go into the medical imaging field. #medicine #ultrasound #radiologist #medical-imaging #hospital-and-health-care