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Does anyone have a degree in business and computer science?


When deciding on what to major, I have two ideas in mind -- one is computer science and the other is in business. Does anyone have both of these degrees and want to explain the job opportunities that have come your way? Is it helpful to have a degree in both CS and business? Are the job prospects better? #computer-science #programming #buisness #startups

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5 answers

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Horatiu G.’s Answer

Business and Computer Science is an outstanding combination! It gives you so many options career-wise ... you could be a tech-savvy management consultant, a business-savvy IT consultant, computer engineer, a product manager, a technology marketer ... you're only limited by your interests. What I love about the combination is the mix of analytical skills, quantitative skills, and systems thinking. You'll be able to speak multiple languages ... literally and figuratively. ;)

With regard to your business major, I would suggest choosing one area to focus on ... Finance or Marketing, for example. Your choice will in turn help you narrow down the type of role you will seek after graduation.

Great choice!

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Jeff’s Answer

Hi Amy!

The best answer is YES! I've been in the PC industry since its inception. I've also been a professor. In the beginning of the PC industry, all companies wanted was a computer science/programming background. Once the industry exploded, companies found that technical people didn't have the business acumen so they were failing. The pendulum shifted to a strong demand for MBAs and business graduates. The problem is that these business folk didn't understand the product and customer base.

We are now at a place where companies understand that the golden mix is business and technical. It allows you to see both sides of the equation. The best combination is a technical BS followed up with an MBA. However, if you want to move into industry after your BS, you have several options. I would recommend a technical degree with either a business double major or minor. You can also go the MIS route so it's a business degree with an IT focus.

You should think about which aspects of the industry excite you the most.

Best of luck!

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Brad’s Answer

Hi Amy,

I believe you start with pursuing the field that you have the most curosity and love for. And then continue to broaden your horizons once you reach your first goal. For me, I started in Ocean Engineering then became a Navy Pilot. During my naval career, I pursue and completed my MBA to help me become more rounded as an individual and a leader. After I retired from the Navy, I entered the telecommuncations industry.

Overall, I would go for your first interest, never stop improving yourself, and continue to broaden and stretch your personal and professional goals.

I wish you the best of luck.

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Laura’s Answer

I have a MIS (Management Information Systems) degree which is a business degree in computer science. It has provided me the best of both worlds. I started off with my first job as a developer and moved to many different roles from there. I'd be happy to answer more questions if you like.

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Ooshma’s Answer

Hi Amy,

I agree with Jeff. It is easier to go into a business degree/profession after getting a technical degree vs. otherwise.
My recommendation is to go technical first and then with MIS or MBA. Dual degree will work too.
Tech is really game changing...look at Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Space X, Amazon...disciplines like AI and Robotics are going to impact day to day life.
Of course you need business acumen as well but I highly recommend getting core skills first and then diversifying.

Good luck.