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How do nurses handle requests they disagree with?

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2 answers

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Cinthya’s Answer

I guess it really depends on the type of request.
I agree you need your evidence based best practice. Sometimes it’s just about educating your patient. Or asking the right questions to understand fully The request as it may not be asked or explained correctly.
If it is acceptable but you don’t agree. . . sometimes our personal belief have to be put aside for the care of the patient and their family. Like for instance the family wants to do everything, all of the CPR and any surgery possible for their loved one. But you don’t agree because the patient is 80something year old and has lots of comorbidities and prognosis is guarded. As a nurse you want to be compassionate and give him comfort not more painful procedures and treatments. So you don’t agree with the family but that is your personal bias. And the family is entitled to make their decisions for the treatment options they are being presented by the medical team. You still must carry the orders out, and give the treatments and CPR should something happen.
Reaching out to your team of doctors and social worker, nurse supervisor or manager can also help guide you and prompt discussions with the patient/family as well.

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Cynthia’s Answer

short answer: carefully.
Is this a disagreement with a patient who does not want to follow medical advice? or with another professional who disagrees with your treatment plan? No matter what you would want to move forward with solid science and professional ethics on your side. If that fails, then reaching out to a supervisor for help.