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What do you find most exciting about being a makeup artist?

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Laura’s Answer

Hi Jessica! I personally think a career as a make up artist is exciting. You get a lot of exposures depending on what route you choose to do - freelance, celebrity make up artist, theatre make up artist, and more. You can even be a beauty writer!

In my opinion, it’s a role where there are plenty of opportunities for you to express yourself through your creations. If you freelance, you get the flexibility and freedom to work independently.

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Kavita’s Answer

It all comes within depending on the interest of a particular person.
To be specific for this question, being a makeup artist brings an excitement in the following ways:

1. You get new faces on the daily basis to do your art on.
2. You get to see different varieties of costume and accessories.
3. You have the opportunity to do different kinds of makeup depending on the occasion you have been called for.
4. You meet different communities of people with different culture, so you get to know about various culture existing in this world.
5. Since you are dealing with different kinds of skin, you have the opportunity to learn and use your experience later.

I hope this answers your question :)