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How can I become part of an archival admissions team?

Some of peers that graduated with B.Archs have gone on to work in museum admissions offices for archival teams. This is a line of work that very much interests me but I have no idea how I would maneuver my professional path towards that direction. Most of my classmates who were able to secure these positions worked with student magazines prior to graduating, while I have only #internship had a graphic design internship in the past and am currently finishing a Preservation and a Cultural Heritage Certificate.

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2 answers

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Ron’s Answer

One easy way to gain some archival experience is to volunteer for an online. crowd sourced research project with Zooniverse (see link below). As of today there are are projects there on:

History: e.g., "Every Name Counts" building database of victims of Nazi atrocities during WWII
Biology: e.g., "Notes from Nature - MI Bug" documenting historical bug diversity
Art: e.g., "Fishing In the Past" identifying fish species in works of art to understand biodiversity and commercial fishing practices
Astronomy : e.g.,"Star Notes" help transcribe groundbreaking work from early women astronomers

needing help. Volunteering just a few hours would give you some interesting experience to talk about with potential employers. It might also open your eyes to new opportunities to apply your skills/passion and help you connect with the folks leading specific research projects.

Ron recommends the following next steps:


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Jennifer’s Answer

@Grace R, I agree with Ron's comment. If you are able, volunteer work or a paid internship would be the way to go. I have a sibling who works at L.A.'s Natural History Museum and works closely with multiple archivists (https://nhm.org/careers-our-museums). I recommend checking out their careers page and searching on LinkedIn people who are actively at the museum that hold the position (or work in the department) you are interested in. I find people in this line of work are very open to informational interviews because they are passionate about what they and not many people are aware of this niche type of work. Best of luck!