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What job can I choose for my future?

I am going to study B.COM 3rd year after completing my degree. What jobs can i choose?

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Hi! Can you please explain Bcom for me? What major are you studying in college? Linda Ivelise Mirabal

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3 answers

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Emily J.’s Answer

Hi Akila! Though I have the same questions as Linda, I'm going to assume you're referring to Business Communications? If you're looking to get into a field in that are, there's lots of potential for you to work in companies' PR organizations (which I've been told by a friend in the field is very exciting-- fanning the flames of new products or initiatives and fighting fires when the public is tarnishing a company's brand). I'd recommend doing a search on LinkedIn using "business communications professional" to look some profiles too see what out there-- you can even use the "alumni" feature to see what connections you can make to your colleges' alumni to tell you more about what it's like. #businesscommunications #bcom #linkedin #pr

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Xavier’s Answer

Hi Akila! You should be proud of studying commerce as it is really helpful to develop your wide range operation management, business consulting and problem-solving skills. I would like to suggest you to work in retail, hospitality and PR organisations, which are perfect fit to your profession. And the most important point is to keep your passions to work, so you will love and enjoy your career life. Best wishes!

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Sabina’s Answer

After completion of B.Com, you can apply in any organization for the post of accountant. Every company requires accountant to keep track the profit and loss of their company. One must have knowledge in areas like Basic Principles of Accountancy, Cost Accounting and Management Accounting to be an accountant. Other than accountant, there are many career options in this field.

B.Com graduate can work as a :-

Company Secretary
Business Analyst
Finance Officer
Sales Analyst
Junior Analyst
Tax Accountant
Stock Broker
Business Development Trainee