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What types of pathways and experiences in Aerospace/Astronautical Engineering can you assist with?

Updated Hilliard, Ohio

this is the field that I am going into and I know I as well as others would rather get the main information i need as quickly as possible. #college #science #aerospace #astrophysics #astronautical

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Vernon’s Answer

Updated Kingsland, Texas

Good for you. This is one area in the U.S. that utilizes pure science and technology that isn't being dumped by Trump.

Take all the math, physics and chemistry you can squeeze into your life. Having a major amount of computer science can't hurt either. Start planning to do internships with NASA, or aerospace firms in your area. Build a network of people inside your desired field.

Who knows, you may on the job in time to send the first humans to Mars. Aim high, because the competition will be keen.