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What is it like to be an endodontist? Does the work get repetitive?

I am interested in becoming an endodontist and would like to know if the work gets too repetitive after a while.

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2 answers

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Sabina’s Answer

Only you can answer this questions for yourself, by shadowing an endodontist for as long as you need to arrive at the answer of this question.

I shadowed, and decided not to go into ENDO. I worked in an implant practice and loved it, and now work in general dentistry and don't like doing fillings at all (so so repetitive for me!). So I think, if you love the specialty it will be the right fit for you. And honestly, everything in life gets repetitive if you do it long enough..

Good luck! Shadow at least a couple different practices

Thank you for sharing! I plan to start shadowing when the number of Coronavirus cases begins to decrease. Kailey H.

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Cassy’s Answer

Hi Kailey, as long as you enter a specialty, that means your main job would be that specific thing. However, I think if you really like doing endo treatment, you would be willing to master that. Remember, being a master of something needs ultimate repetitive practice.

Hi Cassey. Do you have any specific advice about being an endodontist that would help to answer the student’s question? It looks like Kailey is asking for some information about what people do in this career, what the day-to-day experiences are, etc. Alexandra Carpenter