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How many years of education would it take you to become a pediatrician?

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4 answers

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Richard’s Answer

4 years of college
4 years of medical school
3 years of pediatrics residency
3 years of optional fellowship.

Thank you! Daniela T.

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Melody’s Answer

Becoming a pediatrician could take from ten years or longer. First, you must complete four years at a university. Once you complete that, you have to move on to four years of medical school. After medical school comes one year as a pediatrics intern, and to finish everything up, you could spend a year or longer in pediatrics residency.

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Carlos’s Answer

Hey Daniela!

It takes a total of about 11 years depending on the institutions you apply to. The general and most common education timelines go as following:

Bachelors: 4 years
- It is important that you take courses in the sciences. (better for med school apps)
- Major in something that is associated with pediatric so you can gain the proper skills.

Medical School: 4 years
- Exposed to multiple specialties and managing medical settings.

Residency: 3 years
-Gain knowledge and training from experienced pediatricians.

Good Luck!

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Dan’s Answer

It would take 7 years (4 years medical school followed by 3 years pediatrics residency). If you include 4 years undergrad, it would be 11 years in total.

Thank you! Daniela T.