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Is it worth putting in all the time and effort to become a doctor?

I am a junior in highschool and I am considering different career paths and am curious to what it is like, and if it is worth it to become a doctor, specifically a pediatrician. #doctor #medicine #pediatrics

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6 answers

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Yenna! I think being a physician takes time and effort in addition to self-reflecting on who you are as well. Honestly, it is work and sometimes it can be difficult to see your loved ones as you study much and have a lot to balance. However, if you really feel that it is the best choice for you then it can be done! Honestly, helping a patient is a wonderful experience, I had this experience as a volunteer and even with my setbacks I know I never want to do anything else. I would recommend to get experience by interacting with patients by possibly volunteering in a hospital or nursing home; in addition shadowing is also valuable and can be required for medical school, I think by shadowing a physician you can get a glimpse of their lives and their experiences in being a physician. Give yourself time and if you truly love this field nothing will hold you back, there are many amazing stories of inspiring physicians as well who gave a lot of time and effort to pursue this beautiful career! Below is a link that showcases different stories, if you'd like check them out and hopefully this can help you more in deciding!

Best of luck!

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Jane’s Answer

Being a Physician is associated with much hard work and sacrifice, but the rewards are incalculable. Where else can you share a family's vulnerabilities in dealing with their children? Where else can your educational advice and wisdom have such impact? In medicine, you can learn as much from your patients as they from you.

You could be in private practice, teach in an academic setting or join a hospital based staff or a group of like minded pediatricians.

We will always be in need of pediatricians, so you will have job security.

AND, if you get interested in some subspecialty, you can do further training in a Fellowship after you finish med school and a residency.

For instance, let's say you get really interested in neuroscience and find you have a passion for helping families struggling with autistic children. You could create your own company, have job flexibility and still be offering service. You can be creative and structure both professional and personal time.

Go for it!

Jane recommends the following next steps:

Consider calling pediatricians in your area; even with covid 19, ask if you could shadow them and learn more about what they do and don't do.
Consider asking for a few minutes of your pediatrician's time if you can't shadow; get your questions ready and make the conversation count.

This is so inspiring, and honestly is some the best advice/ guidance that I have gotten so far in regards to my future. Thank you so much, and I appreciate you helping me find my journey. Have a great day! Yeanna M.

glad it was helpful! Jane Roark MD

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Estelle’s Answer

Yes! I have been practicing gynecology for 30 years, and I have raised 4 kids. I cannot imagine a more fulfilling career. The path to becoming a physician is difficult and long but worth the effort. The job opportunities and job security are so reassuring. Definitely encourage you to follow the path towards being a pediatrician.

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Shivani’s Answer

Hi Yeanna,

I hope to offer some advice about becoming a doctor, specifically a pediatrician. I am currently a medical student, planning to specialize in pediatrics!

Some things that helped me confirm I wanted to do this was my experiences working with kids. In my college days I worked as a behavioral technician working and tutoring children with autism spectrum disorder. Being able to collaborate with different medical providers such as psychiatrists, nutritionists and speech therapists made me realize that there is a lot of collaboration for health care needs of pediatric patients. I think this holistic approach towards pediatric medicine is very interesting and I could continue to learn from other health care team members.

In addition, I worked with kids as a soccer coach, tutor, volunteer at schools. I have enjoyed my interactions at these experiences and get along well with kids of all ages so I decided this was the route for me!

Hope this helps
Shivani Kamal

Thanks for the advice, it really helps let me know the signs to see if I really want to pursue this career. I really appreciate Your help! Yeanna M.

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Bryce’s Answer


Worth is going to be determined by you. Yes, it is going to require a lot of time and effort to become a doctor no matter what. Worth is determined by you and your passion for what you are doing. If you are not passionate about becoming a doctor right now, then most likely it will not be worth all the time and effort you will have to put in. I definitely recommend thinking about why you want to be a doctor and if it is truly something you want to do for the rest of your life.

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Richard’s Answer

Yes! It is absolutely worth it. There are a lot of long hours studying in the library followed by long hours in the hospital, but it is a fulfilling career. There are so many opportunities after medical school... different specialties appeal to different individuals. Or you can follow a nonclinical route in research or even hospital administration.

Thank you so much! Yeanna M.