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Should I Go for a Career that Pays Well or One that I Love?

Asked Everett, Washington

I grew up in a house where money was always tight and we always depended on someone for financial help. I want to be an artist but I'm scared that I'll be in the same situation forever where I am never secure in my finances. On the other hand, I don't want to be stuck in a job that isn't enjoyable for me. Please just give me some advice. #money #career-choice #career-advice #career-plan #giving-advice

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I would recommend that your find a career that aligns with your passions and goals in life. Your career will span over 40+ years and it will be very important to select one that you love versus one that makes allot of money. Money cannot buy happiness. If you select a career that you love, you will be more likely to perform well in the role and advance throughout your life. Now I would say that you need to take a somewhat balanced approached to selecting a career and make sure that whatever you pick will make enough money to support you long term personal goals. I have also provided this advice to my daughter who is currently pursuing a math education career as she struggled with the same question. In the end, go towards your passion and success & satisfaction will follow!

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Great question! Follow your passion! You will be so much happier. I have a Bachelor of Arts and I wanted to be an art teacher. While I was waiting for some new schools to be built in a new housing area I took a job doing system design. I designed systems that others use for their daily jobs. I learned how to design based on the science of where your eyes naturally go when looking at systems, websites, games. It's awesome! I am still an artist just in a different medium. I love what I do and I enjoy going to work. It makes such a difference doing what you love. Here is a great video of Simon Sinek on this very topic. Skip the ad and fast forward to 50 seconds into the video. Good luck! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNiKmZ__yZY

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Ask to you many many times the question because money is important but happiness and hope it gives you much more in the long run and If you do what you like you'll find much more energies on yourself!!!

Good luck!

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Thank you for your honest question! I grew up and a household of 6 kids and my Dad worked while mom was home with the children. I remember my parents struggling to make ends meet, but my parents never told or showed us that they didn't have something. They only showed us love and hard work. To this day, my siblings and I are well educated and we are all working in fields that we love. We are all happy. I wouldn't worry about money at this point. Find a career that you love and work at growing within that field. When you are successful, people will see your passion and your tremendous skillset... and promotion will come. I won't tell you what to choose, but I will tell you that happiness goes further than working at a job for money. You can't do your best and fulfill your dreams in a field or position that you are not passionate about. I hope this helps you make a clear decision. Good Luck with everything!

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It's better to make your first priority enjoying your job and working hard at it. What good is all the money in the world if you can't enjoy your life?

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Personally, I started my career as a teacher, knowing finances would be tight and figuring it would work out. Over time, I realized I struggled too much classroom management, and, along with finances, teaching wasn't for me. At that point, I was able to find another career that used some of the same skills I enjoyed from teaching, but paid better. I know that if I had never tried teaching, I would have always regretted it. However, I am glad I made the switch when I did, and was able to start saving money at that time. I do wish I'd had a stronger financial start to my adult life, but am grateful I was able to start catching up when I did. I think it comes down to your personal comfort level with finances, which only you can know.

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You should never make a career decision based PURELY on money. However having the ability to financially support yourself is also important. See if you can make both work - go for the artist path but at the same time create opportunities where you can use those skills to pay the bills as well. For example, can you also get a teaching certificate and teach art on the side? Are there other part-time job related to arts that you can take on?

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