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Chanel F. Jun 16, 2016 957 views

Are taking AP classes and a language in high school better than college?

People have told me you don't even get a lot of credits for AP classes and that they just drop you GPA. Is this true? What option will save me more money? Also, when the high school speech guy talked about what he wished he would do he said that he would take the lanuage four years during high...

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Chanel F. Jun 16, 2016 789 views

What is the most benificial college for a psychology degree? Also, what degree is the most benificial?

I'm trying to choose a degree in psychology. I am not sure if it would be better to get a higher degree and do more schooling or just an average degree with less schoolling. Also, I am not sure what college would be the best for this degree. I've heard a lot of good news with Wisconsin and...

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