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What is the most benificial college for a psychology degree? Also, what degree is the most benificial?

I'm trying to choose a degree in psychology. I am not sure if it would be better to get a higher degree and do more schooling or just an average degree with less schoolling. Also, I am not sure what college would be the best for this degree. I've heard a lot of good news with Wisconsin and Illinios colleges, but am still not sure.
Questions that will lead me to the answer could be the following:
Is it close to Ilinios?
How far away is it?
Is it affordable for an average income family?
Can I stay there without transferring to get my degree?
Is the area safe?
Is it private or public?
Can I easily bike to get groceries or other things?
Is the college not huge, but not too small?
Will I be able to keep myself busy in my freetime? #psychology #social-work #counselor #therapy #psychiatry #counselling #mental-health #therapists

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2 answers

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Dr. Ray’s Answer

Dear Chanel,

For an undergraduate student the quality of a university's psychology department probably matters less than the overall quality of the school. Fortunately for you the Midwestern states have many fine public universities, including the University of Illinois in your home state. There are also many fine private schools but most are very expensive, and I think publicly funded schools are a better bargain. I encourage you to apply for financial assistance whichever route you take.

If you eventually decide to pursue an advanced degree you would still have to have an undergraduate degree, so you do not have to make that decision now.

I can't answer your questions about the specific environments but suggest that you visit a few campuses in your area to get a better feel for what it's like to live like a college student.

I wish you the best in your educational pursuits.

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Scott D.’s Answer

At the undergraduate level it probably does not matter. As you get further along, it can make a significant difference depending on what you want to specialize in. Some schools specialize in one type of therapy such as Gestalt. You will need to research that once you get that far.

Thanks Scott! Chanel F.