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What is the most rewarding moment in your career?

I am a curious person and I was wondering, if a person chooses a career, how are the driven to practice the same routine over and over for a long period of time? I am quite puzzled currently about my career choice and I would like some guidance. So what is that 1 thing which motivates you, which you're so passionate to wake up to everyday and work? What gratified you into the career, how did you know that it was the one? I would like to hear about your experiences on the same. Thank you in advance! july20 life career

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5 answers

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Patrick’s Answer

Great question Indhu!

For me it comes down to what gets me out of bed in the morning feeling energized to go to work. When I was early in my career I used to think money would do the trick, or status/responsibility in the company. So I actively pursued these things. And for a brief period it did energize me! But it wore off quickly as they tend to be fairly superficial elements to something as complex as motivation - they only make us feel good for a short amount of time.

Over my career I've learnt one of the most sustainable sources of energy and motivation for me is simply doing good. And it's not just something that I can find in my job which I think is equally as important. I'm in a HR role now which has its good and bad days, but overwhelmingly I have a strong sense of purpose behind doing good with people in my company, and the same sense of purpose when I do volunteer work as well.

The key thing to most of this is allowing yourself time and space to discover what motivates you individually. There's no right or wrong answer to this, but rather something that is exciting to explore as you develop your career :)

Thank you Mr.Patrick. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your answer and it motivated me to think beneath me. Indhu H.

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Linda’s Answer

Hi Indhu. As a former university professor, students motivated me each and everyday to get out of bed. I was eager to find out what drove their interests and passions, and how I could best assist them in realizing their dreams. I truly believe I learned more from them than they from me. What a rare gift I had been given. Of course, the hours of a university professor are long with teaching, research, advising, committee work, etc., but that didn't matter to me. Each student was a beacon of life who touched my life in a multitude of ways. I hope you find a career that challenges you, excites you, and stimulates you to go beyond what you thought possible, despite the tedium and routine that comes with most jobs.
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Kiirsten’s Answer

Hello Indhu,

I hope you have been safe and well! You have asked a great question that many people wonder and think about each day. What personally motivates me to wake up and go to work everyday is not just one thing. My team that I work with is wonderful, I'm passionate about the company that I work for as well as the products that I sell, and I feel like I am valued and doing valuable work. I have had jobs in the past where I had fun, but the work became monotonous and I worried that I would become bored and maybe never find one job that I really enjoyed. The several jobs that I held before my current career all taught me valuable life lessons, and taught me what I liked and didn't like. In the last role that I held before coming over to my current career, I really reflected on what my preferences were about my previous jobs, and looked at opportunities based off of that. If you're having more monotonous days than normal, and you like your career, ask your leader if there are extra projects you can take on, or ask your leader if there are opportunities to shadow/cross-train into another department.

Good luck!
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Ilyas’s Answer

Hi Indhu,

Great question. It is important to find out what truly motivates you, because so often we associate money with motivation. Money is nice, but the motivation for money wont last forever, at least in my opinion. In my current role, I lead a team and I love it. I like the team element of sales leadership, I also like the ability to help each other get better every day. We give each other feedback all the time and over time the team becomes someone you can really trust, because we have been through so much together. What I enjoy most is seeing how our work impacts the lives of everyone on the team. It's one thing to hit targets and make money, but when you see people grow and how work life can positively impact personal life, that is truly satisfying. My advice, don't only chase money when making a career choice, find your passion and find what makes you happy.

Good Luck!
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Kelley’s Answer

I agree with previous responses that the motivation of money is not lasting and will not make a terrible job or career worth it in the long run. Financial security is important, but there is an underlying motivation for everyone. Ask yourself: "if the money was there, and you didn't have to worry about it, what would make you excited to go to work every day?"

For me, the most gratifying part of my career is leading and growing people - learning from them, mentoring them, motivating them, helping them figure out what the next step in their careers is. I love managing people and the challenges and rewards that come with it.