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Why management skills are a priority for nurses?

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2 answers

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Alycia’s Answer

I've worked alongside registered nurses in fast-paced environments for the past eight years and from what I've seen, the top three skills they need to master in order to be a successful nurse is 1) time management, 2) priority management, and 3) work-life balance.
Showing up to work on time and being present throughout the day is mandatory of any job, but vital to nurses. They must be physically attentive for their patients at any given moment, especially in large scale hospitals. Knowing when to utilize volunteers/PCAs for low-risk duties (feeding, bathing, changing a patient's linens) will help tremendously in a floor of 50+ patients.
Being able to prioritize which patients or situations are more high-risk than others is also vital. For example, a patient who's ride is already pulled up to the lobby who needs discharge instructions and assistance may need your help first before you help a patient who's asking for more ice in their drink.
Lastly for your sake, you will want to learn how to manage your work (8-12hr shifts, 3-5 days/wk) and your family/friends/activities outside of medicine. It is a tough battle that takes years to get down, but luckily many nurses are parents, full-time students, or have other careers and have managed to get through it.
Good luck!

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Heather’s Answer

Most RNs find themselves supervising nursing assistants, LPNs, and nursing students on a regular basis! Leadership skills are very important in nursing for this reason. My best advice is to find or request a mentor that you view has strong leadership skills and learn from him or her. Leadership skills can definitely be learned as you go!