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Stephanie Jan 28, 2021 449 views
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Sophina Feb 14, 2021 509 views

After graduating high school, do you go to University first, and then nursing school? Or do you go straight into a university that is a nursing school? If that makes sense...

I'm a freshman in high school and I'm not really sure about how it all works after graduating. #high-school #medical-school #nursing

Brooklyn’s Avatar
Brooklyn Apr 07, 2021 1277 views

Is there a job that combines a nurse practitioner and a counselor?

I'm a junior in high school, and I'm torn between general medicine and psychology. I've always been interested in the responsibilities of a nurse practitioner, especially in pediatrics, but I've recently taken up an interest in a career as a counselor or psychologist. Are there any careers that...

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Dasia Jun 28, 2021 906 views

I want to be a Rn , what steps should I take first to doing so ?

#nursing #registered-nurses

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hargun Sep 15, 2021 1514 views

Tips for passing the NCLEX

I am a nursing student who will graduate in May 2022 and I am scared about my ability to be able to pass and clear the NCLEX exam so I appreciate any tips that you have #nurse #college-advice #college #healthcare #nursing

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stephanie Apr 08, 2022 675 views

What is a challenge you faced when studying nursing?

Well right now, I'm a Junior in high school and trying to get more advice over nursing.

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Ritaisha Oct 30, 2016 1231 views

If you could change or add something that would improve nursing, as a whole, what would it be and why?

I am asking this because I want to know the weak spots of nursing and what I need to focus more on. #medicine #nursing #nurse #healthcare #registered-nurses #nurse-practitioner #pediatric-nursing #nursing-administration

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Jessica Jul 27, 2020 567 views

Why management skills are a priority for nurses?

#healthcare #nurse #nursing

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Giovanna Aug 04, 2020 790 views

What are the different kinds of nurses

I want to be a nurse but I do not know the different kinds of nurses there are. #nursing

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Jessica Jul 09, 2020 2290 views

What do you think are the most challenging aspects of meeting patients' needs?

#medicine #nursing #doctor

QuynhTien’s Avatar
QuynhTien Jul 11, 2020 605 views

how can one get from a RN to a nurse practitioner

Currently a senior in high school looking to get into nursing
#nurse-practitioner #nursing #nurse #registered-nurses #healthcare

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Mar 28, 2022 527 views

What does your weekends normally are like within your field?

I am on my way to getting a CNA and been wanting to be a RN with a bachelor's, and I'm wondering if I will have weekends off or if/when I have weekends if it would be like weekdays?

Juliet’s Avatar
Juliet Jul 26, 2021 674 views

Travel Nursing Requirements

I am looking into becoming a Travel Nurse. I have done a little research on how the life of a travel nurse looks like but I am curious on what to expect while trying to start this career. Is it a competitive field and how does one go about getting the most out of this career? #travel #nursing...

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Antonella Oct 23, 2018 922 views

What if I can't survive the nursing program?

#nursing #nursing-education #college