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Rayne, Louisiana
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I am pursuing the career of a CRNA.

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Justin Apr 26, 2022 474 views

For Registered nurses, can they get their loans forgiven or paid for by the hospital they work in if they stay there for two years?

I am a high school Junior looking into getting in a nursing school program in Texas.

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Justin Apr 26, 2022 436 views

Regarding a BSN, I thought well I don't know if this is how it works but my teacher told me that the prerequisites are completed within the four year degree, leaving only two years left for the BSN degree. Is this true? Or is it actually two years of prerequisites and then the 4 year degree?

I am a high school student looking to get into a nursing school in Texas.

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Justin Mar 03, 2022 630 views

If I am a teen fresh out of high school and who wants to get into a ADN or BSN program at a college, how am I supposed to take and pass the TEAS if I don't know much about nursing subjects? If the TEAS is to test us on how well we know nursing then wouldn't that completely contradict the whole point of going to a nursing program?

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Justin Feb 19, 2022 789 views

Can I work as a nurse and earn my Bachelor's of science at the same time?

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Justin Feb 17, 2022 487 views

After I graduate High School, do I need to get my associate's degree before I can get my Bachelor's degree? I want to become a CRNA and need my BSN but the tuition is very high for both degrees.

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Justin Feb 16, 2022 845 views

When pursuing a career in Nursing, do you get your nursing prerequisites in your Associate's Degree In Nursing or are they another separate year of college?

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Justin Feb 10, 2022 1295 views

What steps do I need to take to become a CRNA

#nursing #career #medicine Good evening, I am a Junior in High School and since june of last year I have wanted to pursue a career in CRNA. The thing is, I have no the slightest clue on how to actually become one, what schooling I need, and what can I start doing now. I know I have to go to...