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How hard is a sonography program?

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2 answers

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Nicholas’s Answer

Hello -
My occupation is computer engneering however; I have had a significant number of interactions with sonographers for medical reasons. Having discussed their journey to becoming a sonographer; most indicate it is an intense program but reasonable in terms of the complexity to get there. My first piece of advice is; only take this path if you have an interest in anatomy; if you ar OK working alone with a patient for 45-120m studies. Based on a 1-10 scale of difficulty, my interactions w/sonographers would suggest a 6 or 7 (10 being most difficult). Lastly, If your interests in anatomy and helping people w/medical conditions is genuine; I strongly encourage you to pursue this field. You are working with many medical professionals in a very clean and safe environment with very high job security as well as opportunities to branch out in your field. I will you all the best.
Kind Regards

Nicholas recommends the following next steps:

Find a sonographer network and have dialog about their experiences
Look for a capability exam to assess your skills in this this area.
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Brianne’s Answer

Hi Jessica, I have a friend who recently went back to school for Sonography. It wasn't as difficult to get into the program as it is for some others, i.e.; Pharmacy or Physical Therapy. However, this is a complex, niche program. She is definitely working hard to succeed in the program, but that is true of any program or industry that you choose. In my opinion this is an important and rewarding field because you get to see life happening! Good luck if you pursue this option!

You may even try contacting an OBGYN to speak with someone who does this for a living or have your guidance counselor connect you with a student in the program to get a sense on what it is like.