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Best websites for blogging as major source of income?

Specifically, blogging about personal experiences that can uplift and inspire others to make a difference in their own lives as well as others'. Was recommended IG, Medium, LinkedIn, Wordpress, but I'm open to other platforms! Thank you :)

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4 answers

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Seynabou’s Answer

Hi Monica,
I would specifically insist on first, the reasons why you want to blog/share rather than the platforms. Inspiring others via your personal experiences is great, but requires thorough thinking. What do you want to offer to the public?, what audience are you targeting?. What authenticity are you bringing to attract your audience ? I would advise:
Think deeply about the following:
- Be clear about what you want to uniquely offer. There are plenty of contents in the platforms referenced above.
- Identify your target audience and consequently, the best platform where you can easily meet this audience.
- Make sure you pursue quality content rather than just content.
- Authenticity and Uniqueness would be my key words to make a difference.

I hope this helps. Good Luck!

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Darin’s Answer

If your talking about wanting to become a social media influencer/content creator the best places to do that is your major social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Tik Tok. Basically the apps that everyone are talking about and using the most, the ones that are getting high traffic. Also just know it's difficult but not impossible to become an influencer. You need to do something that will capture your audience attention and get them coming back for more. Something that will get them to watch you, remember you and want more

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Eric’s Answer

It depends on what you want to blog about.

LinkedIn is more geared towards professional development and encouraging.
Medium and WordPress caters to everything
Twitter/IG/FB - you are limited to different limitation on those platforms

Have you thought of building your own your own website and using TW/IG/FB to drive traffic to that site?

Eric recommends the following next steps:

Define what you want to blog and your passion
Identify if you have the skills in the area
Investigate the platforms
Investigate if you want to setup your site. i.e. www.ericewe.com

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Veronica’s Answer

I have a blog on Blogger.com. Don't forget to monetize your blog.

Hi Veronica, could you talk more about why Blogger.com is a good choice for where to host a blog? Also, the student may not be aware of the various ways to monetize a blog — could you describe that process in more detail? Thanks so much! Alexandra Carpenter