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What cities or areas in the United States are best for business?

Asked Cooper City, Florida

After receiving my major, I would like to move somewhere to continue on with my life. #business #finance #financial #international-trade #international-sales

5 answers

Phillip’s Answer

I agree, doing research on each cities demographics that you specialize in will serve you well. Big cities generally have greater diversity, but stronger competition as more rural areas have more legacy businesses, but may be open to fresh ideas.

Phillip’s Answer

Updated San Rafael, California

It depends on what it is you want to do , if you were interested in being a landlord you would look for a place with low home prices in relationship to rents ( such as Oroville Ca ) If you need lots of foot traffic you would look for a busy city this question requires much more info to come up with a complete answer . Glad you are looking ahead !

Tom’s Answer

Hello Lioz, Many major cities have lots of opportunities for business and finance. the best thing to do is to search on a map the cities you would like to live, and narrow down your job search from there. Hope this helps!

Rashaad’s Answer

Updated California, California

It's great that you're trying to find the answer to such a question. Like Phillip noted you need a little more information before a complete answer can be given. Big cities are most commonly associated with bringing in a large variety of customers to a business. That being said large cities such as NYC, San Francisco, Miami, etc all have different, unique atmospheres. Different areas can help cater to specific businesses.

Greg’s Answer

I agree with the advice given earlier. It really depends on the field you're looking to enter and the amount of time you are looking to invest and result you desire to achieve. Once you find the field, I would recommend you intern and/or spend time in different demographics to find where works best for you.