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What is after high school (12th grade) if I want to pursue forensic psychology?

I'm currently a freshman in high school and I wanted someone to help me understand what should be done after high school if I want to pursue Forensic Psychology.
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5 answers

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Cameren’s Answer

For those who want to pursue Forensic Psychology, the first step after high school will be to receive your B.A. in a related field, most likely Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Science, or Criminal Justice. I would also suggest looking into internship and entry-level job opportunities related to the field of Forensics and make sure the courses you are selecting throughout your undergraduate years are preparing you to work in this field. I would also suggest during your time in university you build a relationship with your guidance counselor who will help you better understand exactly what needs to be done for your specific career goals. The next step after undergraduate schooling would be graduate school, but that is dependent entirely upon your personal career goals, some positions may only require a Bachelor's degree while other may insist on further education, these are question that you should discuss with your counselor at university.

Your advice was very helpful, Cameren! Thank you! Samyukta S.

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Mariah’s Answer

Hi! My recommendation is to get a bachelors degree (your choice between BA or BS) in psychology, forensic science, or criminal justice. After choosing, try to study another as a minor or even double major!
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Jason’s Answer

Hi! Great question. My advice. Take a bachelor of science w a focus on psych. Then go after a masters of science in forensics
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K. Michie Harriss’s Answer

I would definitely pursue a psychology degree but in addition to the psychology courses, I'd take sociology and statistics courses and seek internships and volunteer opportunities in the criminal justice system. For example, you could volunteer with the juvenile justice system. You will definitely need graduate school (most likely a Ph.D. degree) so work to keep your grades up. Good Luck!
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Deepak’s Answer

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), forensic psychologists must complete a doctorate before practicing. These professionals can work in prisons or government agencies. Some forensic psychologists open their own private practice or consulting agencies. Others conduct research on how to prevent crimes caused by mental health issues.
Forensic psychologists must have a strong understanding of both psychology and forensic science. This job requires strong communication and strategic thinking skills, as these professionals must conduct interviews and analyze answers and body language.

4 Steps to Becoming a Forensic Psychologist
1. Complete a Degree. Students who want to enter this field must earn a bachelor's and master's degree before pursuing a doctorate.
2. Earn State Licensure. Each state requires forensic psychologists to earn a license.
3. Find a Forensic Psychologist Position.
4. Maintain Licensure.