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Are there any enrichment programs for those wanting to study neonatology?

I am a teenager aspiring to have a career in the medical field. While I have a liking for neonatology, orthopedics, and radiology, I would like to be exposed to other careers. #career-choice #career #careers #doctor #pediatrics #neonatology

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2 answers

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Philomena’s Answer

Well it is a good idea that you want to be exposed to your interest as early as possible. Neonatology is a specialty in the medical field and you must know and have an idea about basic medical procedures and terms before looking into specialties, as this will make it easy for you to appreciate whatever you learning about neonatology. You can look into platforms like Edx, future learn etc. which offer a variety of free courses, there may courses relating to neonatology which you can join for free.

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Sunil’s Answer

There are programs such as ASDRP which allow for group research for students that are inclined toward medical fields. Unfortunately, ASDRP is in the Bay Area - and I see you're in New York. Perhaps you can call them and ask if they know of similar programs in your area.

Sunil recommends the following next steps:

Call ASDRP https://www.asdrp.org/