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What are important things to research about a college?

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3 answers

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alex’s Answer

Hi Daniela,

College is a wonderful experience and there are many facets of college that you should consider when researching prospective colleges. One resource that I found helpful was the Princeton Review. The Princeton Review provides rankings and lists of colleges, but it also provides very detailed breakdowns of each college within eight categories: Academics/Administration, Quality of Life, Politics, Campus Life, Extracurriculars, Social Scene, and Schools. To begin your research I would think about these as the initial categories and if you are looking for more information, you can go deeper into a specific category.

For example, rather than searching "University XYZ Academics", you could begin to focus on specific majors that you might be interested in to understand the professors you might learn from, their teaching philosophy, etc.

Good luck!

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Richard’s Answer

Some questions to consider include:
1) Do they have the major you want?
2) Will be happy? Does the social situation fit your personality?
3) Does it fit your financial situation?
4) Do they have clubs that fit your interest?
5) Do they have resources to get you summer internships and eventually a job or graduate school
6) Is it a desirable location? You may end up living in the city in which you attend college.

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Javier’s Answer

It is very important to ensure you have the best information. aspects to consider are financial support, distance, weather, campus enviroment, campus activities, city where campus is located, medical services, etra curricular activities.
Try to set firts your actual sitation, what you can cand cannot afford within those questions and validate what the school offers, trying to balance and be as realistic as you can.
College is a great experience and with actual resourses you can take the best of it and enjoy your studies.