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What are the most difficult aspects of working in the medical field?

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Looking to go into the medical field (specifically in surgery) and curious as to what you find is the most difficult part of working in the field? #doctor #career #medical #healthcare #surgery #career-advice

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Depending on the person it could be having to tell the parents of a 5yr. old that there child has cancer. Example: A Child that is 15 passes for a brain tumor. There are many aspects of the medical field that are hard. Honestly it depends on you it is difficult for me to tell you what is hard when I have no idea how you will react in certain situations. This is why it is so important to work with a great team. Everyone must work together so important. Communication and always knowing what is going on with your patients. This career especially as a doctor is very challenging but if you are passionate and enjoy helping others and love problem solving , and research than what may seem hard to others you will view differently because it is something you enjoy. Yes all healthcare jobs are stressful but they are also very rewarding.
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