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What are some colleges outside of the US that are well known for their radiology program?

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Anne’s Answer

What you could do is research how university/college is like in the country of your choice. Where do you want to go, and do you plan on living in that country when you're finished with the degree, or are you going to come back to the US? Certain degrees are not considered "equivalent" to a US bachelor's degree, and if you decided to come back to the US, you may have to take extra coursework.

You can get info on wikipedia for what type of higher level degrees your country of choice offers, what their admissions requirements are, student life, in what formats they teach, living on campus, how long it'll take to get a degree, student life, etc. All of those are important factors for choosing a good program. Example, most colleges have a decent psychology program, and that is one of the top majors in a lot of schools, but you may not like the student life, what the faculty research is, etc!

Thank you so much Ms. Lanza! Zemira M.

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Brooke’s Answer

It's definitely tricky to go abroad for medical school if you plan practice in the US down the road. You normally have to do an american residency program before practicing in the US. As far as simply attending medical school abroad, it is certainly possible. However, the Match rates are very low for international medical grads (IMGs) into US programs. It is especially difficult in residency programs that are so competitive, like radiology.

Thank you for your input. Much appreciated. Zemira M.