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How hard is it to major in two things at once?

My desire in life is to be both a graphic designer and a professor, but myorobkem is I don't really like going to school #education #graphic-design #k-12-education #interior-decorator #interior-designer #art-education #3d-design #ux-design

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2 answers

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Amanda’s Answer

Hi Felicia,

What subject are you interested in teaching as a professor? And have you thought about what age of students would interest you?

- If you want to teach young kids (K-12) then you might want an "Elementary Education" degree. This could allow you to teach basic general art classes (or other subjects) to young people.
- However, if you want to teach college students, there is no such thing as a "Professor" degree. In order to be a college professor you usually just need to have a Masters level degree in whatever field you are interested in teaching. So, no need for a double major, but you would need to go beyond the initial Bachelor's degree.

For example: I first got my Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. That allowed me to get a professional job in graphic design. But you usually cannot be a professor with just a Bachelor's degree. I went back to school and got my Master's degree in Graphic Design. With that degree, I have a choice to either go back into the professional design world (a Master's isn't required but can be helpful to move up in seniority), OR, I now have the option of being a design professor at a university.

One more piece of advice: The college experience is so different than the experience in middle or high school! Don't get discouraged. I didn't love high school but I loved college. The big difference is that in college you are signed up for classes that specifically interest you - I was so much more engaged because I was excited about the subject matter.

Amanda recommends the following next steps:

Decide whether you would be interested in teaching younger kids or older students.
Try asking an elementary art teacher or a college art professor if you could shadow their class for a day to see what their job is like.

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Andrea’s Answer

Interesting dilemma...and one in which you need to be really truthful with yourself about. Maybe your biggest issue here is being truthful with yourself about why you don't feel like going to school. What is it about school or education that doesn't appeal to you right now? What is it that makes you "not" want to go to school? Is the teachers? Is it the classes? Is it the other students? Is it the educational program? Is the educational or social structure of the school? There is something that doesn't appeal to you....and isn't motivating you. Think about it...listen to your own intuitive wisdom and follow your own gut feelings about this. Something doesn't feel right to you. You need to listen to yourself right now. Take the time to honor your own deep seated wisdom and inner guidance by doing this. Listen to yourself. Its possible you may need to pull back for a short while and take a breather...just to block out all the other incoming noise and be able to hear yourself think. Your struggle with having two majors may not be the real issue here. In fact, it may be the least of your problems. There is no reason you cant be a graphic designer AND a professor too....as long as its YOU who is making this decision (and not YOU feeling like you have to). Its all perfectly "doable" (as long as YOU really want this for yourself). And its okay to change your mind...nothing is etched in stone....you can always come back to it...and it wont be a disaster if everything doesn't perfectly fall into place. Go and play with this...minus the self expectations....or the expectations of others. In the end, its about how it makes YOU feel...about yourself...about your life...about your world...that counts. Go in the direction of what makes you feel good about yourself...what motivates you...and gives you energy and enthusiasm. Get in touch with THAT!