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What advice can you give to an upcoming college student that is completely happy of their major, but scared they won't get a job?

I will be attending school as a college freshman this coming August majoring in graphic design. I've known that graphic design is what I want to do for the rest of my life for a long time, I'm just nervous that I will regret going to school in the arts just in case someday after I graduate, I won't get a job. With me going to a school in New York City, I have a little bit more confidence, but the competition again makes me nervous. Any advice to help ease my nerves would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! #communications #graphic-design #arts #graphics #communication-art

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5 answers

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Kristina’s Answer

I'm a graphic designer and I have to honestly say it isn't easy but you'll enjoy the crazy ride. Depending on your experience level that will tell you how much you'll make hourly/yearly. Don't waste your time while you're in college. Make sure to make business connections, have an internship that will look good on your resume, and keep trying new things that will help your development in the arts and with your mind. Relax, you're on the right path but if you're really concerned you can always double major or take a minor. This will give you more selling power when you're in an interview, Example. "Yes I have a degree in graphic design but I also have a minor in marketing so I can save you time by knowing what you need versus only making what looks good." And keep an upbeat attitude no matter what. I don't know how many times people have asked me how do they get a raise or get a higher paid position in the company. The answer is to take advantage of more education that the company could reimburse and to work above and beyond the call of duty. If you're a go getter you won't have a problem honestly. And if you aren't happy you can keep applying while working as well.

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Zaara’s Answer

Hi :)

It is so awesome that you know what you want to do/ what you feel passioante about. You also got into a school perusing your passion. Congrats! These are such great achievements already.

If you are going to learn and prat I've graphic design you will not be in the "arts" as in fine arts but you will be in creating commercial work where people and companies pay you for your talents based on your part work and your portfolio. Your work will be based on a custom project brief and will be delivering all sorts of objectives. your work will make the client money. You will make money and if your work is successfully delivers to the clients needs you will get one well paying client after another.

Focus on creating the best portfolio possible and be involved in the design field as much as you can. Intern, follow designers you like, be excited about your education. You will find your own unique style with time. There is no one you- er than you :). If you are unique and passionate competition does not matter because there is only on me YOU. Competition will become inspiration.

Best of luck, go full steam ahead! Have an awesome time in school and show the world the true awesome YOU.

Zaara ^__*^

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Christopher D.’s Answer

As long as you love your major, your field of study, that is the most important thing! A lot of people who get degrees in fields they sought for money they wind up not liking-stuck in cubicles and hating your job is unhealthy and will make you unhappy no matter how much money you are making. You will find work in your field, even if it takes time. If you do not early on you can become an entrepreneur. This will help you sustain yourself until you do find your dream job.

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Cuong’s Answer

Since you are studying in New York city, yes, the competition will be ridiculous over there. But if you want to reduce your chances for "not getting a job after graduation". Look for experience while you're attending school, you can start as an assistant somewhere on campus, maybe relating print work or an internship at a company, you always had your eye on.

Just be sure, that experience will relevant to your what kind of design you'll be doing. And the thing about designing, it is always growing career. You don't have to keep doing banners, posters, cards, and documents. Once you feel like you want to be challenge, there's UI/UX design, motion graphics, and web design.

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Anna’s Answer

Hi Mackenzie,

My personal advice is to study what you are interested, not just because it gives you the right knowledge for your desired career, but because it is the only way to enjoy your studies and do well. There is always the possibility that you don't find a job immediately after college, but good grades and some work experience from internships helps. Experience really is key and even if you do not find your dream job after graduation, just try to gain experience through another job in the meantime. Every experience will refine you further, give you knowledge and a unique approach that other people do not have and that is what will make you valuable to an employer and help you better understand what you really want out of your career. So do not worry too much about getting that perfect job right after college, something will always come up and sometime it is even for the better.

Best of luck!