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Avonleigh’s Avatar
Avonleigh Sep 13, 2019 594 views

I am 14 and i want to help the local cat cafe get more attention because they are amazing and I want to work there when I am 16. What should I do?

I don't know if I should make like a website or give them a poster but I want to show them I am grateful they take care of the kitties! #college #art #career #cats #animals #artist #career-choice

Vincent’s Avatar
Vincent Sep 27, 2019 450 views

What are some of the difficult things about being a graphic designer?

I would like to know what are some of the difficult things about being a graphic designer and how to deal with these difficulties. #graphic-design

Vincent’s Avatar
Vincent Sep 27, 2019 504 views

What is the best way to deal with unrealistic clients as a graphic designer?

I am aware that some clients may want designs that don't fit in their budget and some clients may be unrealistic with how fast they want the project done, so I was wondering what would be the best and most efficient way to deal with these clients? #graphic-design #design

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Jan 24, 2019 673 views

How can going to collage benefit me going into a career in digital design?

I am skilled in many different forms of art such as painting, drawing, sculpting, and digital designing. I'm still on the fence about going to collage, I don't if I would be wasting my time and money going to collage or should I start working now. #college #design #art #graphic-design...

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Aug 03, 2018 724 views

Do creative professionals get tired of working on the computer?

I am a very artistic student and I've been considering career paths in architecture, graphic design, and interior design but for all three, much time is spent on the computer. Does it ever get old? #college #career #graphic-design #design #art

Emily’s Avatar
Emily May 16, 2018 621 views

Which companies hire graduates with degrees in Illustration?

If I obtain an art degree in Illustration, where can I see myself working? #art #illustration #arts

Hazel’s Avatar
Hazel Jan 10, 2018 831 views

Should I become an artist or just do art on the side?

I am a ninth grader in the Bay Area and the idea of becoming a full time visual artist that relies only on the money i get from the pieces I sell has always scared me. I am also worried that if I choose to do art on the side, I might forget about it or the art process might lose its...

famina’s Avatar
famina May 06, 2016 1273 views

How do I become an artist?

I love art and want to learn how to turn it into a profession. #art #artist #music #career #career-counseling

Bella’s Avatar
Bella Jan 18, 2018 772 views

Is it really as hard to find a well-paid career in art as it sounds?

Art is something that I enjoy, but I keep getting the impression that an artists live off ramen noodles and paint water. Concept art, graphic design, and traditional art are what interest me most. Will it be years before I get considered to join something like Marvel or Disney, or is it just...

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Jan 19, 2018 563 views

Whats the best job to get or look for with a fine arts degree?

It is just difficult to get a job as an artist and i want to know if there is anyone out there with a fine arts degree who has a good paying job #artschool #artist

Cedrick’s Avatar
Cedrick Aug 30, 2017 957 views

Where do you learn from the most, outside of the classroom?

When you're unable to attend school for any reason (financial, etc) how do you continue to study and learn more about yourself and the world? #RealLife #e-learning #learning #self-improvement

Dea' Ja’s Avatar
Dea' Ja Aug 30, 2017 1064 views

What are some challenges, you face from time to time, in the career field, graphic design and how did you face it?

I am a senior at KIPP: Renaissance High School, in New Orleans , Louisiana. I had a few questions in mind about my career field, graphic design. I know it's not all peaches and cream, but just wanted to know what were some of the challenges, that someone faced and what you did to face it....

Akash’s Avatar
Akash Jun 22, 2016 876 views

Need guidance on work from home

i am from poor family #self-employed

Sydney’s Avatar
Sydney May 16, 2016 966 views

How do you create a great art portfolio?

I want to go to an art school to major in animation. What are ways to improve my portfolio? #design #arts #animation #fine-art #illustration

De'Jon’s Avatar
De'Jon Aug 31, 2017 804 views

What is the most fun part about being a graphic designer?

What are the best parts of being a graphic designer besides watching/ playing the games or animation that you make? Does it have a lot of stress when your coming up with ideas or is it more difficult when your making the game or animation? can this be the job for a person who loves to play...