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Career Questions tagged Conceptual Art

Bella T.’s Avatar
Bella T. Bella T. Jan 18, 2018 461 views

Is it really as hard to find a well-paid career in art as it sounds?

Art is something that I enjoy, but I keep getting the impression that an artists live off ramen noodles and paint water. Concept art, graphic design, and traditional art are what interest me most. Will it be years before I get considered to join something like Marvel or Disney, or is it just...

#graphic-design #conceptual-art #artist #movie-production #art #design

Serena H.’s Avatar
Serena H. Serena H. Mar 24, 2015 989 views

How do concept artist get into larger careers with large companies, like Blizzard Entertainment or Disney?

I am a high school student, entering into college without a specific major in mind. I want to study psychology, neuroscience, and computer science. However, my greatest passion is sketching. I have started to build my portfolio with paintings and computer software. #computer-science #art...

#conceptual-art #design #computer-art