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How do concept artist get into larger careers with large companies, like Blizzard Entertainment or Disney?

I am a high school student, entering into college without a specific major in mind. I want to study psychology, neuroscience, and computer science. However, my greatest passion is sketching. I have started to build my portfolio with paintings and computer software. #computer-science #art #design #computer-art #conceptual-art

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Andy’s Answer

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Great question, Serena. For artists, your primary vehicle for getting jobs (even freelance ones) will be your portfolio and body of work. Education is definitely important and shows that you can work within schedules and complete assignments. Ultimately you will be hired based on the strength of your portfolio and how relevant your work is to the company for which you apply.

As a professional concept artist, you should be versatile so that if the company has various projects with different art styles you will be capable of working on any of them. Of course not every company will work in every art style, so it's also important to tailor your portfolio to the company. Pixar wouldn't necessarily need someone to create photorealistic zombies or monsters, for example. When I worked at EA, I had to create art in varying styles from The Simpsons Game to Dead Space and Dante's Inferno.

So if you want to work as a concept artist at one of the larger companies, make sure to work on your portfolio. that is not to say that you can't still study psychology, neuroscience, or computer science. I earned my undergraduate degree in biology before getting my master of fine arts degree.

The big take away is that you should continue to draw and improve your skills, put together portfolios appropriate to each company, and have fun. If you enjoy what you do (especially in art), it will show and it will be easier for others to work with you. I hope that helped.

Thank you so much for your time that was very detailed and specific. I will also continue to work hard. Serena H.

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