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Aside from extracurriculars, what should an outstanding resume for college and jobs entail?

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4 answers

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Brenda’s Answer

Volunteer and community service. You can not underestimate how this will elevate your resume. It is important to demonstrate that you care about something more than just yourself. You can use this to build your network. Try to find volunteer opportunities in your field which will also give you experience to add to your resume. When updating the resume, don't forget to include the soft skills you learned while volunteering. Think about things like time management, organization, strategic planning, etc.

Oh okay. Thank you for your answer! Zemira M.

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Andrew’s Answer

Hello Zemira,
I remember having the same questions when I was working on my first resume. The big things to focus on are what set you apart from your peers. Why would the university or business want you to be their student or employee versus another candidate. For example, you could highlight your work ethic, any experiences you have volunteering that would show your imitative or passions.

Thank you! Zemira M.

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Nineesha’s Answer

I think it's important to also showcase projects / initiatives that you drove outside of school activities. Colleges love to see that you take action on what you're passionate about.

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James’s Answer

You need experience. At the end of the day, that will do you the most favors. If you have to do an internship and sacrifice money, or something entry-level that just gets your foot in the door. That will be most beneficial.

James recommends the following next steps:

Apply for an internship.