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What are some strategies I can use to write effective notes from my history book and be ready for my AP U.S History Exam?

Asked San Jose, California

My name is Sofie and I am a junior in high school. I am looking forward to take the AP U.S History in May but I am really struggling to write the most important ideas of the chapters. What are some strategies to write good effective notes. Please help! #history #testing #strategy #studying #notes

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Veli’s Answer

Updated Redwood City, California

It's been a while since I studied for the U.S. History AP Exam, but my advice is the following: (1) use the questions (if available) at the end of each chapter as an initial guide on what are the most important takeaways

(2) try to jot down what you think are the most important ideas / facts from the chapter and review them with your teacher. Your teacher can help you figure out what you missed and help you prioritize important facts for the exam.

(3) learn what the AP U.S. History exam is actually going to test you on - topics and analytical abilities. I'd focus on learning and practicing what you'll be tested on and that can help take care of your concern on whether you are learning / taking notes on the most important sections of a chapter.

I hope this helps!

Then you very much!
Are you able to ask your teacher for topics or guidelines on what to study? That always helped point me in the right direction.
Yes, she provided a study guide for me. Thank you!
I'm only 11 but I'm good at studying....... find the main ideas and write them down on a note card study them ...... put them all around you room and have fun with it ....... make a game using the info ....... I'm not sure if this would work but chew different gum ........ eat heathy food while studying
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