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What is a good minor for engineering?

I am thinking of majoring in aerospace engineering or any other type of engineering. I hear people talk about minoring in something but, I do not know how to figure out a minor that relates to my major. #engineering #aerospace-engineering #college-selection #college-minor

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2 answers

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Ryan’s Answer

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Fortunately, you can pick whatever minor you'd like, as long as you can keep up with the work in your major.

Minors are interesting in that you can either use the opportunity to study a somewhat related course to your major, or you can pick something completely unrelated. Most companies, programs, and others are primarily concerned with what your major is, so there's a little more flexibility in the minor.

Your minor can allow you to leverage additional courses you wouldn't have originally studied to your benefit. Some people would take aerospace engineering and then do a minor in computer science. This would allow you to incorporate additional skills and previously completed projects into your work, potentially making you a more ideal candidate for a hard to fill position.

An alternative path would be to study something completely unrelated, like a language. While this won't necessarily supplement your engineering career directly, it might allow you more options, such as moving to another country to work in. Also you can take this path if you really enjoy studying something and want to learn more about it, but aren't interested in follow it up with a career. Using the example of political science as a minor, you might want to take political science classes and learn more about some of the ways governments work, but not necessarily want to go into politics.

Thank you, I feel like I understand what minoring in something means... more than before. I always thought that you had to minor into something that related to you major, now I know I have more options than just computer science. Thanks again. Daniel Z.

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