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What steps should I take to become a Head Chef?

I am a student in a culinary arts program at Job Corps. #job-market #high-school-jobs #culinary/hospitality

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4 answers

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Dale’s Answer

First of all.
You have to put in many hours, years even, learning as much as you can about every facit of the kitchen. Positions, techniques, specialties, equipment care,
MATH MATH MATH. You will need to make calculations in your head on the fly.
Learn human interactions and respect for others. Never hesitate when asked for something extra or special. A scence of urgency is always a big topic.
Ask this same questions of many different people. AlWAYS BE willing and ready to learn something new or different. Even after 40 years at Chef level you can learn something new from anyone even the first year dishwasher. Be pround,consciousness, kind and humble.
Your life long job is to serve others.
After you know all of this you have an then learn the things it takes to be a hrad Chef.
It is a long grueling journey that you must be in live with, or wait will just be you down daily.
Chef D.

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Parita’s Answer

Hi, good day to you!
Your choice of career is very impressive :) It truly shows your passion and interest towards this line.

To become a head chef - I would first suggest you to get a degree in the same field. During your degree, take part time or summer break internships with a good restaurant or hotel where you can get real time experience.

Also as mentioned by Dale in one of the answers, I too would suggest you to build your network and brand your skills to a wider audience using social media and other alternatives. You can also post your cooking skills videos on Insta or You Tube to get more followers.

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Peter’s Answer

Make sure you love what you do! If you are passionate about being a chef, you can thrive in the profession. Being a chef is long hours, working nights, weekends and holidays. Don’t be afraid to come in early and stay late on your own time to work in other departments and areas of the kitchen. The more you know the faster you can elevate in the kitchen. Think of a marathon vs a sprint in becoming a chef. A chef must be a business person, artist, manager, leader as well as a great cook. If you can make it to Europe to work for a year or two, that can help round out your education and elevate you faster as a chef. Best of luck!

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Seth D.’s Answer

The road to ‘head chef’ is a long and arduous one.
Having gone to culinary school, I would suggest going to a local restaurant and asking the if you can do prep work, stage or whatever. Just get your foot in the door. Once you do that, it’s on you to prove you’re hard working committed enough and humble enough to learn and grow.
Don’t be afraid to screw up, we all do.
Keep you eves on the prize and it will be yours!