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If I would like to research in a particular engineering profession, which engineering field should I study in?

I am senior in High School and I have this passion to dig deeper into the problems of now. I like to think about problems and find new ways of understanding them. So I think it does not matter which field of engineering, but if I were to choose it would be Electrical engineering. #science #engineer #electrical-engineer

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Todd’s Answer


You never really know until you get there. I never thought I'd be an electrical engineer. All thru middle and high school, I was a gear head and would overhaul small block Chevy's, John Deere tractors, and motorcycles every summer. I was convinced that mechanical or automotive engineering was where I belonged but it was just a matter of exposure. You see, there were no electricians in my family and I had zero exposure to anything related to electrical engineering. It wasn't until I was taking my physics class as a senior in high school that I found I had a knack for being a sparkie.

But there's good news in this regard; There are so many types of engineering out there. We have mechanical, electrical, structural, civil, industrial, aeronautical, environmental, nuclear, computer, fire protection, and chemical just to name most of the major ones. When you enter an engineering college, you don't have to commit to any particular flavor of engineering for the first two years. During that time, you will be exposed to a lot of different types of engineering and you may find you have a passion for a particular endeavor. You never know. I now have three nephews that have become electricians!

Todd Stahlnecker