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Jana’s Avatar
Jana Nov 08, 2023 795 views

What are the skills I need to learn as an electrician?

I want to know all the knowledge and skills regarding this question.

Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Mar 22, 2022 312 views

facilities maintenance/electrical-what are some tools that come in handy the most, and what tools are most reliable for a slew of tasks on the job

also what are some skills that will take me a long way in my career

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Sep 15, 2021 1036 views

Is there room for upward mobility as an electrician?

My name is Brandon, I am a Hispanic male looking to get into becoming an Electrician. I am attending a trade program for electrical school and before I dive head first into this trade I just had a couple questions regarding the field. #electrician #electrical-engineering

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel May 26, 2020 630 views

What does it mean to be an electrical engineer?

I am a senior in high school and I applied to college as an undecided engineering major. I have watched numerous videos provided by colleges on what each field of engineering entails and what really interested me was electrical engineering. I am curious about what an electrical engineer does...

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Jul 24, 2019 557 views

what does a Manufacturing Production Technician do

#Manufacturing Production Technicians #laboratory #electrical-engineering

Gabriel’s Avatar
Gabriel Jun 17, 2019 574 views

Electrical Engineering is a broad term, what are some of the jobs you work, and what do those jobs entail?

#electrical-engineering #electrical

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Jun 05, 2019 615 views

What does a typical day look like in the electrical field?

loring job corp student
#electrical-engineering #job #career-development

Colden’s Avatar
Colden Nov 15, 2018 1339 views

Advancing as a Electrition

I am currently working on my certificate in electrical, what are some careers I can go in to if choose to further my education such as AA Degree or Bachelors and what do you recommend?
#electrical-engineering #Electrical #Engineering

Dylan’s Avatar
Dylan Jan 17, 2018 1002 views

Should I switch from Electrical Engineering to Computer Engineering?

I have never taken a chemistry class in my life and am very concerned about taking it. If I change my intended major to CompE, I do not need to take chemistry. Is it worth it to switch my major because of that reason? I am a second-semester freshman. #college-majors #electrical-engineering...

Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Jan 12, 2018 1877 views

Is it better to just do Automotive engineering or do a combination of mechanical and electrical engineering?

Specifically I would do Mechanics and Power and I want to do research and development for an automotive company specifically doing propulsion systems. Things like drivetrain and the engine. Since the future is electric power, I think it is a good idea to have the knowledge of electrical...

Paola’s Avatar
Paola Jan 10, 2018 1080 views

What are challenges when trying to pursue a career that you are passionate about?

I am a junior and wish to know the challenges many faced when pursuing their ideal careers or the change of career. #job-search #career #work-life-balance #personal-development #personal-statements

Jayden’s Avatar
Jayden Jan 10, 2018 799 views

If I wanted to get a job in automotive research in development, is it worth it to major in both electrical and mechanical engineering?

I am thinking about getting at least a masters in both electrical and mechanical engineering but I am wondering if it is even worth it or if I should just get a masters/PhD in mechanical engineering. #electrical-engineering #mechanical-engineering #automotive-engineering...

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon May 04, 2016 1097 views

Where in the U.S. are drafting jobs needed?

Drafting has a -3 percent outlook within the next 5 years. Job numbers are declining. #cad #drafting #computer-aided-drafting

Chidera’s Avatar
Chidera Sep 28, 2017 843 views

what jobs should i look forward to if i were to study electrical engineering

I'm questioning my career path and want to know what i might be doing for the rest of my life
#career #electrical-engineering

Mirudula’s Avatar
Mirudula Sep 28, 2017 829 views

Would it be advisable to receive an electrical engineering major and get certified in teaching?

I would like to major in electrical engineering and get certified to teach advanced high school math or physics. Is that too many credits to complete in 4 years? I was also considering double majoring in electrical engineering and mathematics. In addition, I wanted to get certified in...