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Providence, Rhode Island
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Brandon May 05, 2016 766 views

How do I obtain a hot work permit?

Required to weld professionally #welding

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Brandon May 04, 2016 845 views

What degrees would accompany CAD certification?

Degrees that accompany certification increase the chances of being hired. #college #cad

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Brandon May 04, 2016 1046 views

Where in the U.S. are drafting jobs needed?

Drafting has a -3 percent outlook within the next 5 years. Job numbers are declining. #cad #drafting #computer-aided-drafting

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Brandon May 03, 2016 6583 views

Is it possible to be a self-employed welder?

Self employment gives me more control of my job.

#welding #construction #career #career-counseling #education