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what do graphic desginers do

Asked Euclid, Ohio

I love to draw and create ideas. I'm asking this question because I want to be an graphic designer #computer #graphic-design #creative #drawing #photoshop #adobe

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Graphic design is one of the flexibility careers cause you're trying to communicate words with creative form of visual presentation.

When you start studying as a graphic designer, it does seem easy at first but what seem like a short time will accumulate a lot of hard work.

And being a designer, there are different areas of being a designer.

Graphic designers are the print designers; magazine, posters, cards, brochures, anything paper-related.

Motion Graphics designers are the animation designers, creating a 10-15 seconds animations where it visually tells you information.

Web Designer are the front-end web page designers, they code and design the visuals of the website rather than the back-end.

And so much.

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Check the link below.

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They communicate things with visual media in a concise - effective - interesting - good looking way. It is not so easy at it might appear, it's not just about good taste and aesthetic. There's a lot of theory to learn: techniques of communication, typography, colour theory, art principles and last but not least, how to use the main graphics applications on a computer. I suggest to buy a good book or make some courses to learn the basics. good luck!!

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