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Kiran Boberoi

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Hyderabad, Telangana, India
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Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis May 30, 2023 271 views

What advice do you have for young artists interested in animation that want to create a portfolio?

I'm currently interested in a variety of things and I'm a sophomore in college. I know I'd like to work in animation at some point in my life and so I want to make sure that I'm prepared to get into the working world.

Mira’s Avatar
Mira May 02, 2023 390 views

What job should I choose?

I am interested in zoology, law, working with kids, and politics. I am hoping to study a lot at top colleges, and make a decent amount of money :)

Ellie’s Avatar
Ellie Apr 09, 2023 410 views

Is it worth it getting an associates in illustration?

I am a high school student who is working on getting my bachelors in communications integrated with media management through dual enrollment. Since I will be graduating college two years early, I am trying to think about more schooling options. I love art and I think illustration will pair...

Kaleb’s Avatar
Kaleb Feb 08, 2023 404 views

What is the best way to become an artist?

Where's the best place to start?

How do I make a good profit?

Ari’s Avatar
Ari Mar 19, 2023 475 views

What should I major in art or business?

I am stuck between two majors finance and animation. I also want to double major in CS. I love art and it is more of an impulsive decision than business it makes more sense because I want to go into the mortgage industry.

Ellie’s Avatar
Ellie Apr 04, 2023 613 views

I love art, but I don't think it is wise to major in it because of the low variety of jobs with this career. What would be some alternate options to continue my love and my personal education in art without a bachelors in it.

Could anyone have any thoughts on how to help my dilemma?

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Apr 07, 2023 423 views

How should I go about making my art portfolio? What should be included?

11th Grade
Career related interests:
Drawing,painting, collaging, etc.

Alyssa’s Avatar
Alyssa Apr 08, 2023 609 views

How did you know this career was for you?

I have a few different career pathways I want to go into. I don’t know which one to choose or how to choose.

John ’s Avatar
John May 25, 2016 1036 views

what do graphic desginers do

I love to draw and create ideas. I'm asking this question because I want to be an graphic designer #computer #graphic-design #creative #drawing #photoshop #adobe

Edwin’s Avatar
Edwin Dec 01, 2021 428 views

Is Blender a good application to begin 3D modelling?

I am a little interested in 3D modeling as a career and wonder if Blender would be a good place to start, despite it not being the industry standard like Maya. #3D