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Is environmental science a good course?

I'm a 16 year-old girl doing grade 11 ,and I'm kinda confused on wat to study.
I love math!it's my favourite subject.
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4 answers

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Carolyn’s Answer

Environmental science is a great field to be in! I work in commercial real estate and we are always looking to improve our sustainability efforts. One interesting aspect of working in New York, is that there are always new environmental laws to comply with. Please see the below link for NYC's office building energy compliance laws. As you can imagine, consulting for these laws is quite active right now and there is plenty of work to be done! Best of luck!
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Rachit (Richi)’s Answer

A lot of corporations have CSR teams focussed on environmental studies, there are a plethora of opportunities in non-profits as well as government entities. Research is also a major focus with students pursuing environmental studies.

Here is a list of careers that may help you:

Good luck!
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Gary’s Answer

Environmental Science classes are offered at many universities. Their programs normally cover the path of sustainability and environmental issues. Many large corporations, government agencies and property management companies look for people in this field for advice on how to be "LEED Certified and Sustainable". These college programs will help you gain an in-depth understanding of the environmental policy-making process and develop the knowledge base to create and enforce policies in a variety of industries.

In property management, many building owners are looking into being a better partner within the communities which have added value to their assets. Not only is there math involved with getting into this field, it makes everyone around you more rounded to understand the social impact they have on their community and the environment.

Best of luck in your search.

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Vineeth’s Answer

Environmental Science is one of the fastest growing professions.

Environmental Science gives you an overview of how science affects the environment.It offers more understanding of how biology, chemistry, geology, or physics interact with each other.Environmental science involves a lot of basic science, as well as the role humans have played into the current shape of the Earth. It involves engineering, chemistry, geology, into policy and history classes. An important aspect of the major is helping one prepare to deal with conflict and change on the human side of science, something most assuredly not taught in traditional science majors. This alone makes Environmental Science majors more desirable.

Just because it isn't a “traditional” science, doesn't mean it is simple!