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Tiffanie L. Jul 18, 2016 2050 views

What is more important? Your GPA or your experience?

When prospective employeers look at your resume, Which qualification has a greater chance in the employee getting a job ? college career jobs resume...


joseph M.’s Avatar
joseph M. Aug 30, 2017 560 views
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Zoe G. Jan 16, 2018 343 views

What is a day like for an Emergency Management Professional?

I will be going for a Masters in Emergency Management after I attain my Bachelors in Public Adminstration from UCF with a minor in emergency management. After getting my Bachelors I want to spend a year of service with FEMACorp to make sure this is a field I could love. If I had a better idea...

emergency-preparedness emergency-management

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Borna B. Sep 25, 2020 283 views

Industrial engineering or Electrical engineering?

Dear my friends, thank you for giving me your time. I really need help in the place I am right now. I really love being a CEO and having the control of a company or a factory, I love to build my own startups and company and I know that, that's what I really like and all the university courses...

technology industrialengineering business engineering ai ie electrical

Pamela P.’s Avatar
Pamela P. Oct 04, 2020 213 views

Is environmental science a good course?

I'm a 16 year-old girl doing grade 11 ,and I'm kinda confused on wat to study. I love math!it's my favourite subject. environmental-science...


Tyler P.’s Avatar
Tyler P. Oct 06, 2020 302 views

How do i become a NBA player

I am a 9th grader that wants to become the greatest basketball player of all time. I have been playing for 5 years and i believe that i can get to a professional level. basketball athlete GOAT...


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Dylan B. Oct 07, 2020 164 views
Annette L.’s Avatar
Annette L. Oct 07, 2020 485 views

What types of careers or industries might best fit me?

My strength's are being organized, being a good listener, a go getter and a perfectionist, and some of my hobbies are listening to music, drawing, watching YouTube, and playing mobile games. I don't know what career or industry might fit me. business...


deejay L.’s Avatar
deejay L. Oct 07, 2020 254 views

how do I become a engineer

Which college is best for becoming an engineer...


Jane S.’s Avatar
Jane S. Oct 08, 2020 782 views

Is electrical engineering right for me?

Hello! I'm a high school senior applying for college, and I know I want to do engineering but I'm still a bit unsure about what type to apply for. I was considering Electrical Engineering because the classes sound interesting and I've read up on a couple topics independently because of that,...

college-majors tech college electrical major technology electrical-engineering ee high-school engineering

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Ethan G. Oct 12, 2020 990 views

How should I go about asking questions in job interviews?

I am a communications and film double major wanting a career in the entertainment industry. career-choice jobs networking...