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Pamela P. Oct 04, 2020 287 views

Is environmental science a good course?

I'm a 16 year-old girl doing grade 11 ,and I'm kinda confused on wat to study.
I love math!it's my favourite subject.
#environmental-science #environment

suki Y.’s Avatar
suki Y. Oct 05, 2020 431 views

How to construct a schedule while working for a full-time job and self-advancement at the same time

Hi Everyone:)) Good to tell you that I got offer as a temporary clerk so that I can afford myself a lunch now :) However, as the contract will be ended after 3months.Right now I am quite anxious to find the next stage to move on, I am planning to work on my Korean and other self-advancement...

C L.’s Avatar
C L. Sep 29, 2020 1115 views


For all professionals & students who are reading my post, I thank you for your time and I appreciate any suggestions you share! Please take care of yourself. CONTEXT: Because of COVID, most companies are conducting interviews via video. I found that it's more challenging to leave a good...

Oumou D.’s Avatar
Oumou D. Sep 22, 2020 1617 views

Imagine that you are working on a project that is not going according to plan due to missing information and/or resources. What would you do in that scenario?


lexi R.’s Avatar
lexi R. Sep 30, 2020 719 views

Why does nothing interest me when it comes to careers, and how can i find one that does?

i've always been extremely indecisive. When it comes to thinking about my future, a million thoughts flood my mind. I dont have any specific thing that i think is realistic enough to achieve. i want to live a happy, money stable life, but where do i even start? #college