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How is the field of Environmental Conservation looking?

I just want to be sure that my future job field has either a decent turnover rate or a large enough demand for jobs so that I can go straight to work after I get my degree. #career #money #career-path #salary #environmental #job-market #wildlife #financial-planning

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Roxanne’s Answer

In my job search, I've seen a lot of opportunities in the environmental field but they are aimed at engineers. Environmental engineering offers more opportunities than an environmental science degree.

I pursued my Masters in Environmental Management after getting a BS in Environmental Science because I had trouble getting a job with just a bachelors degree. With a Masters, I've been able to work for state government and organize recycling programs for nonprofits. I just switched careers from the environmental field to risk consulting.

Having an environmental degree has made me marketable, but I have had to explain my degree and my skill set in depth in interviews.