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How do I gain experience for my dream job when my rigorous major keeps taking up all my time?

My name is Troy and I am currently a freshman in College. As of now I am studying engineering because I do love it and feel working as an engineer for a few years might be a good ideal until I can get my feet of the ground with my true passion - film making. However, if possible, I would love to graduate college and go strait to work in the film industry. My only problem is that in order to do this I will need previous film experience (experience while in college) however with engineering classes taking up so much of my time, I am not able to film as much as I would like to and hence, if this continues, will not be in the position to make filmmaking my immediate career. Even worse, I am not eligible even to get film experience over the summer through Film internships because film is not my major. My question hence is, how can I find the time to gain experience for my film career when my major is taking up so much of my time and excluding me from desirable opportunities? #film #engineering #guidance-counselor

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Mark’s Answer

Hi Troy, yes, engineering is a wise choice for your career. As Mom told me, if you're excited about arts and entertainment then you better get a license or certificate to pay your monthly bills. Of course, study the market of film making, especially if you enjoy thrillers which thrill the studio producers most. Within a year or two, indie producers might consider family dramas, romances and comedies which millions of girls and women yearn for that show tender-loving care, adventure, hard work and healthy tips helping them to solve their daily conflicts. Best wishes, Mark Wagner.