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What is a Career choice?

I am a student who is currently doing research on sociology which has to do with my career interest.
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2 answers

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Thomas’s Answer

A career choice should be made if you already know a lot about what it's like to actually work in the career, because it will become a huge part of your life, and you should get as much energy from doing it as you are putting into it.

Think of this as if you were going to a party: are you the kind of person that mainly likes to talk, or to dance, or hang back and watch? Do you like to talk mainly because you like the social interaction, or are you mainly interested in the ideas that you're exchanging with other people? In other words, different people have different reasons for going to a party that makes them want to go back (or go home).

The best way for you to find out if you'd really like the work is to shadow someone who is doing the work. Or at least talk to that person and find out what they really like about the work.

Remember: the money you'd earn in a career is important, but it is definitely NOT the MOST important reason for choosing a career. Feeling good at the end of a work day because you got energy out of it is the most important thing.

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Chad’s Answer

Hi Isis V.,

This is a terrific question and important to be asking as you look beyond technical training to how you can leverage your knew knowledge and skills out in the world. I've taken courses in sociology, as well as business, psychology, and education.

I chose to bring those all together in a career shaping cultures. By culture, I am describing helping organizations behave and work together in healthy ways that lead to high performance. I do this as part of a team and we do workshops, 1:1 executive coaching, analysis of systems, processes to check for biases and ensure they are reinforcing the behaviors the organization wants, and creating sets of shared values and purpose statements.This career allows me to combine all of the "technical knowledge" that I've learned to help businesses and, especially, their employees thrive.

There are also other meaningful careers that tend to attract Sociology majors. For example:

Please let me (us) know what's on your mind and how we can support you.



Chad recommends the following next steps:

Consider doing some job shadowing - listen in on calls, join "socially distant" meetings and watch sociology majors who are out in the workforce to see what you really may enjoy.