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I want to know what is like to help people as a doctor.

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Sendil’s Answer

We ask this question often among ourselves—Medical profession was, is and will remain a noble profession. Doctors are professionals and not businessmen.
When you save the life of a person and see them making a difference to humanity, you realise the magnitude of change that you can effect by your efforts. That is a very satisfying feeling. The hardest part about being a doctor is the long studying period, which requires up to 13 years to become an expert. Things get tougher when you have to balance your professional commitment of being available 24x7 as well as engage in continual academic learning of the latest advancements in medicine. One needs seemingly unlimited stamina to consistently deliver the best to patients.
But all that is worth the effort when you experience the gratification upon interacting with the family of a healing patient, and when you save a life. That moment seals a bond between you and the patient’s family and they become a part of your own family.