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are NiCU nurses respected ?

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2 answers

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Ed’s Answer

Nurses are the main folks that patients see for most of their hospital visits. That person creates most of the experience - whether it was good or bad, great or horrible. When parents and such are in a NICU, their 'rock' is the nurse. He/she is the person that makes or breaks that visit more than probably most any other hospital visit. So, I would definitely say it is a crucial position, and one where your personality under stress will be very important.
Is it 'respected'? I assume you probably mean within the profession of doctors/nurses. I have to admit, I am not sure about that. My daughter is becoming a nurse, but we haven't gotten that far yet. That said, I can tell you that, from what I have seen, most of humanity respects them. It takes a special person to do such stressful work where there is a definite chance that the parents and baby you are taking care of may have a tragic experience for their family. That caring from the nurse could be the difference to help them make it through the experience - whatever the outcome. If you chose the profession, God bless you and I hope you are very successful and caring in the role.

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Ravindra’s Answer

Most nurses thought that NICU nursing was stressful, but they coped well with work stress. ... Nurses felt more respected by their peers and families than by their immediate supervisors and physicians.